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Tiny Media Manager 3:

Little Media Manager is a cross-platform program that helps you list your movies, capture artwork, and downloads comprehensive information about them online. The design looks straightforward and lets you work with three major categories, namely videos, movies, to handle your collection. Sets & TV Shows There are many layouts hidden under the hood, so be prepared to save you some time exploring them. You cannot reach a help manual, just a forum to answer your questions.

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  • Added support for features for TV shows.
  • Added + support for CART for movies and TV shows.
  • Added, “Missing Event List.”
  • Added help for image checks (now you can configure which artwork.
  • It should be available for the green checkmark.
  • Video bit depth added in rename.
  • She added colon replacement with spaces.
  • I have added some more media logos.
  • Fully refactored Trakt.tv integration.
  • Save trace logs from the last session (for better / more natural bug hunting).
  • An essential function of the + media files panel.
  • Wizard enhanced by + UI settings.
  • Added support for the folder for the season poster.
  • We fixed some movie set artwork hiccups.
  • Use the new date format in the movie table as well.


  • Scroll to the Settings dialog.
  • IMDB  can now be more extensive.
  • Added .mk3d to the support file extension.
  • Respect movie trailer settings on download.
  • We fixed some disclosures.
  • Too many fixes (performance and stability) of the TV show tree.
  • Write episodes of NFO files to guests.
  • Do not use libmedinfo for “date added.”
  • Kodi RPC – Use conflicting connection if Kodi is not available, don’t block startup.
  • X Improved sorting of media files now by type and size.
  • Updated glazist lists to 1.11.0.
  • Extra does not offer checkboxes for thumbnails/extras when not enabled in Settings.
  • I added more translator writings for scrappy settings.
  • Lots of code cleaning.


  • Artwork for movie sets.
  • There’s also the artwork for the movie set: you can take artwork from
  • TheMovieDB.org or local files and store them for use with the Kodi / media portal.
  • Assign movies.
  • Since most parts of the movie set have already been retained.
  • Media Manager will automatically assign this information to the correct movie sets. Can use.
  • TV show management.
  • Powerful import engine.
  • tinyMediaManager has a powerful driver for importing the file structure of your TV shows. It has many regular impressions for tracing episode season information by file/directory names.
  • Compose metadata.
  • tinyMediaManger gets all the metadata needed for your TV shows.
  • Get artwork
  • Download artwork for your TV shows.
  • Get subtitles and closed captions.
  • Find a list of available subtitles for your TV show.
  • Edit Metadata
  • If you are not satisfied with the results of the rough, you can manually change all the metadata and artwork.
  • Create NFOs.
  • TinyMedia Manager will develop compatible NFOs according to Kodi, as well as import NFOs written by other tools.
  • This will allow for a simple tool transfer to TinyMedia Manager.


Tiny Media Manager is an excellent application for Windows, Mac, and Linux that lets users efficiently manage TV shows and movie files by downloading metadata, core art, ratings, and more. ۔ In this guide, we’ll go over how you can set up your TV and movie files on Linux with Tiny Media Manager.

Highly Compressed:

Tiny Media Manager is a great tool that lets you create a database of all the movies you have saved on your hard drive. With its practical and elegant interface, you’ll have no problem accessing all your favorite topics.
The best thing about Tiny Media Manager is that it allows you to extract information and metadata directly from IMDB and other cinema databases. Get all the details about any movie, from the cast and release history to directors and awards, with just one click. You can also add trailers and promotional posters to your collection. Another exciting feature of Tiny Media Manager is that you can use it to download subtitles. In just a few easy steps, you can download subtitles to your languages, add them to your movies, and store them right in the same folder. Tiny Media Manager is a great film management program that lets you manage and display your movie library. In style. Use it today to organize all the movies and TV shows saved on your hard drive.

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