Orifice Design Calculator Crack + Keygen Serial Free Download

Orifice Design Calculator:

Orifice Design Calculator Crack can construct a gas and liquid orifice plate using international standards and crane flow valves fittings and pipes to determine the mass flow rate required for particular orifice size. Can calculate and produce profile charts at different scales orifice size vs flow. The software can be used for the size of orifice plates square edge orifices. Create an engineering Excel database engineering datasheet or print a summary.

Orifice Design Calculator Crack + Keygen Serial Free Download

Orifice Design Calculator Crack + Keygen Serial Free Download


The required information is divided into two groups fluid information and device information. Regarding the necessary fluid data requested from the point of view as well as the type of product gas used. The news this device is the range of data the pipe on which it is installed as well as the pressure transmitter which we want to measure flow. The “QM Indication on the scale” value allows the measurement of the final amount by limiting the maximum length of the device.


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The Orifice Plate is a potent and inexpensive flow measurement tool. There is a low cost. Sometimes this is a new installation, in which case we will have all the design information, and other times it is a maintenance or validation intervention that requires checking or calculating the flow of gas through the orifice plate. In this article, we present a free online orifice plate sizing calculator that allows calculating the size of the holes required to measure a given mass flow rate based on the pressure difference.


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Gas and liquid orifice plate size using  International standard and flow crane utilising the equation valve fittings and pipes a mass to product flow rate are required for a given orifice size Calculate and produce an of Profile different significant orifice size flow rates. The software can be used to limit the size of the hole / square edge holes. You will still have the possibility to create the resulting Excel compatible data sheet and print a summary.


  •  Print Results summary.
  • Calculations.
  •  For Gas or Liquid.
  •  Orifice plates Square Edge orifices.
  •  Size an Orifice using International Standard ISO  Edition.
  •  Size an Orifice using Crane’s Flow of Fluids through Valves, Fittings.
  • Support Corner tapping and Flange tapping for ISO.
  • Method D and D2 tapping for Crane method.
  •  Calculate the Mass flow rate upstream of an Orifice.
  • Calculate velocity, pressure loss, Reynolds’ number, Coefficient of
  • discharge, Beta, Cross-sectional.


Installation of the rear side of the surface plate is a classic defect. Expect a fault rate of less than 12-15%, with a reasonable beta ratio (~ 0.5) and turbulent flow. Orifice plates have a specific installation direction that should be visible on the tab of the Orifice Plate along with the dimension information. If you can reach the surface plate, it’s easy to check.

Orifice Plates Design DMCA

  • Orifice plate technology is one of the most accepted, versatile and straightforward.
  • Methods of measuring flow.
  • Applications are comprehensive generally.
  • Describing all flow measurements except those under extreme conditions of
  • high viscosity low static pressure or unfortunate physical disease of the fluid, for example containing solids and dirt.
  • Heavy slurries and sewage.
  • Orifice plates are constructed in different types.
  • Concentric, conical, eccentric, integral and quadrant.
  • segmental.
  • The concentric orifice plate is the most commonly used type.

Orifice Design Calculator Crack + Keygen Serial Free Download


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