Viber v5.2.2.4 APK 2018 Download for PC + iPhone + MAC Free Download

Viber v5.2.2.4 APK 2018 Download for PC + iPhone + MAC Free Download can call, chat, and send SMS 100% free to friends who have the app that is mobile on their smartphone. Additionally, supports video clip phone calls and it’s quite simple to utilize.
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Viber v5.2.2.4 APK 2018 Download for PC + iPhone + MAC Free Download

Viber v5.2.2.4 APK 2018 Download for PC + iPhone + MAC Free Download

Viber v5.2.2.4 APK 2018 Download for PC + iPhone + MAC Free Download


  • To use Viber 2018 Download on your own Windows PC, you will first require Viber for PC that installs your mobile phone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows mobile apps available). Next install the Windows desktop client on your indication and Computer in to synchronize your contacts throughout the two devices. Then you’re done, chat and call to your heart’s content at no cost.
  • You can utilize the Viber 2018 For iPhone Out function if you would like to call other none VoIP users (landlines and mobile phones directly. These telephone calls aren’t free but do come at right prices that are competitive. You can make use of Viber 2018 For MAC Out by the addition of credit to your Viber 2018 Free Download account. Phone quality is usually excellent unless you are in an area having a bad connection that is the internet.

Viber v5.2.2.4 APK 2018 Download for PC + iPhone + MAC Free Download
Mobile free of your PC:

  • Calls at no cost? With Viber 2018 Download it’s not a problem. The software works efficiently via VoIP from your computer.To begin with, you need to currently have Viber 2018 for PC installed on your smartphone (available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows mobile). After that, install the client on your personal computer: you’ll find most of the connections in your address guide have automatically been synchronized.
  • The ease of Viber 2018 For Android is the fact that you’ll find nothing to configure; from the brief minute you set it up you’ll straight away begin calling at zero expense (via VoIP) all of your friends who make use of the software for smartphones. Not only that but using the function Viber 2018 For MAC Out you can also even phone landlines and mobiles.Viber 2018 Download for PC  for Windows also supports video calls, too up group people with to 100 participants.The application form also enables you to send and receive text messages from your buddies (with stickers and emoticons included!), and it supports group conversations. The chat is synchronized between your device along with your PC.

All just a click away:

  • The Viber 2018 Free For android user interface is user-friendly. You will see the record of contacts, contact log and chat history without any difficulty.Through the choices menu, it is possible to configure the app so that it shows real-time notifications of new communications into the Windows system tray.Also, you can set the planned system to begin automatically with Windows.Viber 2018 Download & VoIP: a combination that is winning you actually must install this version for Windows on your desktop if you currently use Viber 2018 for PC. After which possibly now’s the full time to start out if you’ve never used Viber 2018 Free Download!
  • Call quality is excellent, but much depends upon the standard of the connection utilized. During our test from PC to smartphone, nevertheless, we found no nagging problems whatsoever.As a result of this app that resets the price of phone calls, you can talk to your pals (and the messages are synchronized between phone and Computer) and see them in movie conferencing. Without investing a dime and without moving from your PC. Great!
  • It is a favorite voice-over that is free texting service and Skype alternative; you can use your smartphone or PC. The It client takes the convenience of the mobile app and brings it to your PC you don’t have your mobile so you can stay connected even if. Additionally, causes it to be more straightforward to log in to with work and multitask while interacting along with your contacts.
  • Viber v5.2.2.4 APK 2018 Download for PC + iPhone + MAC Free Download
  • Viber 2018  competes with Whatsapp for the title of the very cross that is favorite unit messaging service globally. A positive change that is key Viber 2018 Free and Skype is the fact that you can keep in touch with all of your cellular phone connections that are additionally utilizing the service – not merely your Skype connections. Voice call, chat, send SMS, photos, and videos 100% free to virtually any of your phone contacts whom likewise have the app installed. You can also use movie call with as much as 100 of the connections at that time that is same! A UI that is easy from the package nicely. The likes of Viber 2018 and Whatsapp have mostly killed the traditional SMS that is mobile industry because of their ease of use and ever improving data protection.

What’s New:

  • This can include updates being unspecified enhancements or bug fixes.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8


  • Free calls via VoIP to buddies
  • Great call quality
  • Supports movie calls
  • Notifications in system tray
  • Connections and messages sync between devices


  • Few advanced functions
  • App necessary for Computer client to operate

Viber v5.2.2.4 APK 2018 Download for PC + iPhone + MAC Free Download is here:

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