LogicalDOC 2018 Crack Patch + Registration Code Free Download

LogicalDOC 2018 Crack Patch + Registration Code Free Download is a document that is an intuitive system that offers the effectiveness of enterprise document management to mid-to-large size organizations. LogicalDOC might help any kind or kind of company, that is situated anywhere on the planet, gain control of their digital content. LogicalDOC has a focus that is robust, active content retrieval and business process automation.

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LogicalDOC 2018 Crack Patch + Registration Code Free Download

LogicalDOC 2018 Crack Patch + Registration Code Free Download

LogicalDOC 2018 Crack Patch + Registration Code Free Download

LogicalDOC 2018 Crack Patch Edition is a reliable, Java-based document management system, which allows you to use various kinds files easily. It enables you to store, organize and set the version of the selected files while working in a convenient, comfortable environment.LogicalDOC 2018 allows associates to produce, co-author, and coordinate documents that are numerous. Using LogicalDOC’s web that is next-gen, along with simple integration into Microsoft Office and Outlook, and help for auto-import of documents from provided files, LogicalDOC will increase collaboration and productivity within the business.

LogicalDOC 2018 Crack Patch + Registration Code Free Download


  • Web-based Document Management System.
  • Full-text search across document metadata and content.
  • Extensible metadata model.
  • Preview of documents.
  • Standards-based API (CMIS) simplifies custom that is building.
  • Import from compressed.ZIP archives.
  • Document versioning, document version control.
  • Webservices API.
  • Tagging on documents with TagCloud.
  • Document Repository Statistics.
  • Complete Document History with metadata comparison.
  • Mobile phone help for iOS and Android os OS.
  • Joomla file-browser extension.
  • Dropbox integration.
  • Bookmarks on documents.
  • Notes on documents.
  • WebDAV interface.

LogicalDOC 2018 Crack Patch + Registration Code Free Download
LogicalDOC 2018 Crack ensures that company employees will manage to locate, use, and share content that is corporate. LogicalDOC’s safe, interactive archive connects groups to the information they need. It is a selection that is an excellent document management solutions while the application features stacks of useful tools and has an intuitive interface that is easy to grasp, therefore hardly any learning curve is required.

You Management System can use this Document for viewing the selected files, analyzing them, indexing and controlling the version modifications

One of LogicalDOC’s most notable features is the indexing that is the multi-language search tool, which is capable of localizing large pieces of text within repositories. Also gives you to create and locate inquiries in the document repositories.

The tool works with great Open supply Java libraries, such as GWT Spring, Hibernate or Lucene. This particular feature makes it an application that is cross-platform which is easy to install on several kinds of operating systems.

Furthermore, it supports information that is importing from database management systems, such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL or other embedded databases. MySQL is the recommended choice for production purposes.

This system opens within the browser and features a hunting that is modern, which allows you to view and thoroughly analyze the imported documents. The tool relies on standardized, plus web services APIs that can make building custom front-ends much more comfortable and quicker.

The program supports information that are importing ZIP archives, as well as to change the document version according to the updates. Tagging documents are supported by TagCloud and information which can be statistic can be seen in the Administration tab.

LogicalDOC lets you view a history that is full of brought towards the presently used document and may readily compare the metadata of individual files. Identifying changes comes quickly, and you might highlight them for follow-up. Moreover, you’ll include bookmarks or make notes in the documents.

The tool is standalone and does not require client program installments, that makes it a trusted and apparatus that is convenient. Moreover, as a result of its browser integration, it could quickly load each right time you open it.


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